Carolina Panthers head coach candidate named perfect fit for Bryce Young's growth

Could this be a match made in heaven?

Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

A leading head coach candidate was named as the perfect fit to aid Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young's long-term development.

Attention is quickly turning to who the Carolina Panthers will identify as their next head coach. Their chosen candidate must have the primary objective of enhancing Bryce Young's development to get this franchise trending in the right direction.

Many names are being touted as potential options. Some are more high profile than others. Whichever way the Panthers go, team owner David Tepper cannot get another hire wrong after the billionaire whiffed on the appointments of Matt Rhule and Frank Reich.

Carolina Panthers can aid Bryce Young by hiring Ben Johnson

Andrew Buller-Russ from Sportsnaut believes the perfect fit to progress Young long-term is Ben Johnson. The Detroit Lions offensive coordinator won't be short of offers from around the league, but his creative concepts coupled with Jared Goff's career resurgence would go down extremely well with Carolina's new prized possession.

"A year ago, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson was reportedly Tepper’s top target. We can’t imagine things have changed since after watching Jared Goff and the Lions maintaining the fifth-highest-scoring offensive attack in the NFL. Goff has reduced his interception rate to under two percent under Johnson’s tutelage. We haven’t seen Young run into the same turnover woes, but if Johnson, who’s touted for his creativity, can help the Panthers connect on more explosive plays, their offensive struggles should diminish. Johnson understands the importance of establishing the run to help set up the pass, but the Panthers haven’t found enough success even to do that in 2023. With two years of play-calling experience, Johnson should have no trouble getting comfortable in Carolina too, but first, the personnel needs to improve."

Andrew Buller-Russ, Sportsnaut
Carolina Panthers
Ben Johnson / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Tepper is a known fan of Johnson. He'd have given him the job over Reich last year if the play-caller had been willing. He reportedly spent time with the coach's agent during the recent NFL owners' meetings. His supposed demands of $15 million per season won't put off one of the league's wealthiest men.

There's just no telling how beneficial hiring Johnson would be for Young. The No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft has shown signs of life in recent weeks. When given time in the pocket, he's displayed the poise and accuracy that enamored Carolina enough to surge up the order thanks to a bombshell trade with the Chicago Bears.

Young is a player the Panthers must build around. They need to improve the options around the Heisman Trophy winner. They must solidify the protection. They must devise a scheme that plays to his strengths.

All these targets look attainable if Carolina can convince Johnson this is a project worth being a part of. His close connection to the area helps. Whether the Panthers are an attractive enough destination compared to others is the big question.

The former Alabama star is the selling point. Young represents the future. A potential franchise quarterback on a rookie deal that could allow some financial flexibility to strengthen other position groups.

Johnson could have the magic touch to propel Young to a top-tier performer under center. Convincing him to join the Panthers represents the biggest stumbling block.