4 nightmare scenarios for the Carolina Panthers in 2024

Can the Carolina Panthers make some sort of progress in 2024?

David Tepper
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Bryce Young doesn't progress

I am looking a bit ahead here, but the ultimate nightmare scenario in 2024 is if Bryce Young doesn't develop as the Carolina Panthers hope in Year 2 of his professional career. This hinges on the team getting the head coach hiring right. It also hinges on the team being able to add legitimate help along the offensive line and with their pass-catchers.

However, you have to think that Young can take some strides during his sophomore NFL season.

In 2023, Young finished with a 59.8 percent completion percentage. He threw for 2,877 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions, earning a 73.7 passer rating. He was sacked 62 times for 477 yards lost.

While 2023's underperformance was not all Young's fault, there wasn't a ton of promise. I think everyone in the NFL - regardless of status or fandom - recognizes that the former Alabama star should not be thought about as a bust just yet.

I mean, the Panthers personnel and scheme on offense was perhaps the league's worst. That does not detract from Young's need to show something of substance, because the regime that brought him to Carolina is no longer there.

The Panthers also have their first-round pick in 2025. If this team is again poor next time around, they might be in quarterback range.

If Young does not show enough, I don't think the new regime would hesitate to draft another signal-caller. I think we are all rooting for the Heisman Trophy winner here, but there is nothing to say he makes that Year 2 leap. We just have to hope that he does and the situation around him on offense in 2024 is much better than it was during the recently concluded campaign.