4 offseason moves that are making the Carolina Panthers look dumb

It's been one disaster after another.

Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers hired Frank Reich

It seemed for a long time as if the Carolina Panthers were closing in on appointing Ben Johnson to be their next head coach. The Detroit Lions offensive coordinator turned them down for an interview after much deliberation. This left team owner David Tepper on the back foot and forced to explore alternative options.

Many thought it would be Steve Wilks after he galvanized the franchise after Matt Rhule's firing. Tepper had other ideas, going with an offensive-minded man at the helm in the form of Frank Reich.

The Panthers' first-ever starting quarterback was a nice story. Reich came in with a fresh purpose following his Indianapolis Colts dismissal. He formed a high-caliber coaching staff littered with the right blend of youth and experience. He set the tone throughout a busy offseason, making a good impression as a leader of men.

It didn't take long for the tide to turn. The Panthers couldn't generate any positivity from a results standpoint. They looked unprepared and lacked discipline. Their offensive failings were largely on Reich's shoulders as he tried to force his players into roles they weren't comfortable with.

With one win from 11 games, David Tepper pulled the plug on this particular experiment. It's not as if things have gotten better since, but failing to develop rookie quarterback Bryce Young effectively was the final nail in the coach's proverbial coffin.