4 personnel moves Scott Fitterer got right as Carolina Panthers GM

They may have been few and far between, but here are some decisions Scott Fitterer got right in Charlotte.

Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers signed Adam Thielen

It feels like there are probably a fair amount of NFL fans - even dialed-in ones - who don't realize that Adam Thielen had one of the most prolific seasons of his career this year in Charlotte. That's what happens when your team musters two wins.

It was hard to blame the skeptics when the Carolina Panthers originally made the move - his statistics had been declining year-over-year for a few seasons. There typically isn't a second wind to be found for 33-year-olds around the league.

And yet, in his first season with the Panthers, Thielen went over the 100-catch, 1,000 receiving yards mark for the first time since 2018 - and for only the third time in his career - while having his best reception success rate (58.4 percent) since 2020. He's on the Panthers' books for two more seasons, both of which have cap hits under 5 percent.

Basically, they signed a 1,000-yard guy for a little over $3 million this season. It's a move that almost makes up for everything else that went wrong this year. I said almost.

Whether Thielen will be around under the new regime is a big talking point. He didn't seem all that happy when speaking to the media on Monday. Not surprising really - he was sold fool's gold by Scott Fitterer just like everyone else.