4 potential errors the Carolina Panthers made during roster cuts in 2023

Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers CB releases

The cornerback rotation wasn't exactly a strong area to begin with. But after the Carolina Panthers let go of some surprising names before finalizing their initial 53-man roster, it's left far more questions than answers.

It seems as if the Panthers are content with Jaycee Horn and Donte Jackson as their starting outside tandem. C.J. Henderson seems like the No. 3 option as it stands, although Troy Hill might take over that spot depending on how quickly he adjusts to a scheme he's already familiar with.

Cutting Stantley Thomas-Oliver III, Keith Taylor Jr., and Eric Rowe leaves the Panthers short of dependable options further down the pecking order. However, there is some intrigue surrounding waiver wire pickup D'Shawn Jamison, who performed well for the San Francisco 49ers this summer and got a glowing recommendation from Steve Wilks, who is no stranger to the Carolinas.

There is still time for the Panthers to rectify this potential complication. Horn and Jackson haven't played a full season in some time and one only has to examine the complete capitulation at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 17 during the previous campaign to see what happens when both aren't on the field.

Adding one more option here would go a long way to alleviating concerns. And the Panthers do have Thomas-Oliver on the practice squad if they don't like the options available in free agency.