4 remaining riddles the Carolina Panthers must solve after Frank Reich's firing

 Frank Reich
Frank Reich / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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After the not so surprising change of leadership in one of the worst seasons in franchise history, what will the next Carolina Panthers head coach have to solve to get things back on track for a defeated team?

The Carolina Panthers made another much-anticipated change of leadership with the firing of head coach Frank Reich after only mustering one win in 11 contests to begin the 2023 season. A stat that cannot be explained away no matter how hard you try, especially when considering the level of competition the team has faced to date.

The opposition has not exactly been the cream of the crop this season, which only makes things even worse for everyone involved. The Panthers' only victory came against the Houston Texans during what was a fairly shocking performance from C.J. Stroud all things considered.

It remains to be seen whether or not Reich was a sacrificial lamb for the underperformance of Bryce Young. Only time will tell if it was the coach or player that was the cause of one of the worst seasons by a top draft pick in recent memory.

The same could also be said for the general manager and ownership. But I digress on that particular point.

This team has nothing but problems and holes that need fixing. There is no clear path to contention, nothing to build upon and no player is safe at this point. Except probably Young simply due to the cost, both present and future, that was paid to secure the signal-caller.

Whatever hope and optimism that once existed in the offseason has been blown away. Each loss looked worse than the last and the Panthers find themselves staring at yet another coaching search - left wondering what might have been.

The team has the chance to correct the mistakes of the past. But does the new head coach have left to solve once the appointment is confirmed?