4 ways Frank Reich and his coaching staff are failing the Carolina Panthers

As far as starts go, this couldn't have gone worse...

Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers rotational issues

There have now been at least two instances where Frank Reich has been unaware of personnel limitations during Carolina Panthers games. This is simply unacceptable.

The first came in Week 4 against the Minnesota Vikings when Reich was explaining why a timeout had to be used, saying he called a play for Adam Thielen - that could only go to the veteran - but the wide receiver wasn’t on the field due to being checked out by the medical staff.

This week, when a local reporter pointed out that Terrace Marshall Jr. didn’t play a single snap and asked why that was - Reich said this was on him and called it miscommunication on his part not being clearer with the staff on his desire to have him involved. This comes after nine receptions on ten targets the week prior.

It's likely that the wide receiver rotation is a responsibility delegated to position coach Shawn Jefferson. This is based on the linear track to Duce Staley handling the duties of his running back group.

The other likely culprit is that Reich has a bit too much on his plate.

Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown was thought of as a big-time get for this staff, thanks to his prerequisite work done under Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay. I anticipate the conversation of handing play-calling duties over at the bye week is a back-and-forth that’s either already occurred or is firmly on the horizon.