5 bold Carolina Panthers predictions at the Bears in Week 10

The Carolina Panthers look to rebound after an ugly loss in Week 9 versus a struggling Chicago Bears team.

Adam Thielen
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Carolina Panthers OL gives up zero sacks

I am going all-in with these bold predictions. Call me a homer, I do not care.

The Chicago Bears aren't a good team and don't do anything well. Something they might do worse than anything is rush the passer.

They rank dead-last in the NFL with 10 sacks on the season. That's a hair over one per game. This unit cannot consistently apply pressure - for a rookie quarterback like Bryce Young, this is great news.

Young has taken 26 sacks in seven games this year, which is nearly four per game. That's a lot, but it is to be expected.

The likes of Russell Wilson have always taken a ton of sacks, and Joe Burrow also gets taken down a lot. Getting sacked a lot isn't always an indicator of how good or bad a quarterback is. We all should have expected Young to be on his rear end quite a bit, especially with this offensive line.

I think what we'll see in Week 10 versus the Bears is Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Thomas Brown scheming up easy completions for Young. I think they want to get the ball out of his hands quickly in hopes that can open up some downfield shots later in the game.

The Bears' secondary is not good, so I do think the Panthers' offense wants to take advantage of that at some point. Since Chicago has so much trouble generating pressure - although they did trade for Montez Sweat before the deadline - this would be a great game for them to keep their signal-caller's jersey spotless.