5 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking before 2023 preseason finale

There's been a lot topics for Carolina Panthers to discuss in recent days.
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Carolina Panthers WR Laviska Shenault Jr.'s role

Why isn’t Laviska Shenault getting reps with the first-team offense? He’s too versatile and talented to be on the bench. - Robbie H.

Fear not, Robbie. Patience is key here and there is a legitimate reason why Laviska Shenault Jr. hasn't gotten reps in the preseason, much less the first-team offense.

The Carolina Panthers, especially Thomas Brown and Frank Reich, are not showing their full hand as to what the capabilities of this offense will be. Earlier we talked about the evaluation process with the quarterbacks and this applies to everyone else, including Shenault.

So, why haven't we seen more of him in terms of how he'll operate in this offense?

First of all, every team in the NFL approaches preseason differently. Even ones with a new coaching staff and drastically different roster like Carolina.

From my point of view, it seems like the team doesn't want to completely exploit their offensive playbook with two division rivals coming up to start the new campaign.

Let's throw it back to training camp. There was more exposure and diversity from a conceptual and schematic standpoint. In Shenault's case, we saw him line up in the backfield, motion out of the slot, use in the screen game, and on jet sweeps.

This is the Shenault we will likely see this season. I don't think we'll see the former Jacksonville Jaguar used heavily on the boundary. He needs to be allowed to maneuver in space for run-after-catch situations and I expect him to be utilized that way.

We could see more of this Friday night, or at least a tiny glimpse of it provided Shenault makes it out of concussion protocol in time.

I wouldn't freak out about the lack of Shenault this preseason - unlike what seems to be most of the fanbase on Twitter. There is a plan for him and it will be shown in due time. Again, be patient with this process.