5 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of 2024 offseason

The drama has already begun, but the questions remain.

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Carolina Panthers HC/GM candidates, Part 2

Who are the best options for HC, OC, and GM? - Bryan M.K.

As for the general manager position, the Carolina Panthers seem to have a type. Most of the candidates they have requested for an interview have a specialty in salary cap management, resource allocations, and roster finances.

This could be Carolina looking at the possibility of hiring a candidate as vice president of football operations. Someone who can act as a pillar between David Tepper and the football management side.

Assistant GM Dan Morgan and VP of football administration Samir Suleiman are to be the in-house possibilities, with the former linebacker having what seems to be broad support for the permanent job and is well-liked within the organization. 

It’s also hard to get a gauge on who the next offensive coordinator will be. Every head coaching possibility will likely have a list of coaches they want to bring in. We can speculate and guess who those may be, but it is a complete unknown until the top man is hired.

In a perfect world, I would have Ben Johnson as the head coach and offensive play-caller. You would see an offense that schemes players open consistently and puts its players in the best position possible to succeed.

Current Detroit Lions passing game coordinator Tanner Engstrand would be the offensive coordinator. Philadelphia Eagles assistant general manager Alec Halaby is currently my favorite for the general manager job.

Things can and will change over the next few weeks. However, Carolina likely finds their coach first before landing the general manager. Be patient, Panthers fans.