5 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of 2024 offseason

The drama has already begun, but the questions remain.

Brian Burns
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Brian Burns scenarios and trading into Round 1

Which scenario do you see happening: A) Burns gets tagged and traded; B) Burns gets tagged, then signs long-term; or C) Burns walks for nothing? Plus, what are the chances we trade into the first round? - Eric S.

This is going to be a hot-button topic among Carolina Panthers fans if it isn’t already.

On one hand, you have fans who want to keep Brian Burns on the team and believe he is a true cornerstone for the franchise. On the other, some fans don’t believe he is worthy of anything close to $28 million per year or more and should walk. That or be franchise tagged and traded for draft capital.

To answer Eric’s first question, Scenario B seems to be the most likely path forward. I wouldn’t be too concerned about Burns' recent comments about not being a priority. The organization doesn’t have a general manager or head coach. This is rightfully taking center stage.

I would like to think that a majority of front office personnel, especially ones who work in the pro scouting departments, see Burns as a great pass rusher who is one of Carolina’s cornerstones. I expect the two-time Pro Bowler to be franchise-tagged while securing a long-term deal with defensive linemate Derrick Brown over the summer.

It is certainly possible the Panthers could trade back into the first round in late April. However, these things are hard to guess or speculate with accuracy without knowing the potential mindset of a new general manager or front office as a whole.

Whoever does become the next general manager should consider trading into the first round if a player they like may not be around at No. 33 overall. In this scenario, they should consider pulling the trigger. However, it will be tough without extra draft capital this year and in 2025.