5 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking entering the Week 7 bye

Carolina Panthers fans have questions. And righfully so...
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Which Carolina Panthers team is better: 2023 or 2001?

At 0-6, is this Panthers team as bad as the 2001 1-15 squad? - Michael Smith

Interesting question, Michael.

I'm going to answer that with a no. I was only seven months old when the Carolina Panthers 2001 season concluded and would have no recollection of that year. However, based on the stories and taking into account the statistics from that campaign, it feels like the 2023 season is light-years better than the team's franchise-worst campaign 22 years ago.

I've been a Panthers fan since I started watching football in 2010. I believe that is the worst season this franchise has had since 2001.

After that, the 2021 campaign is certainly up there. It would be nice if we didn't have to experience those types of seasons again.

As for where Carolina's current team stacks up with some of the franchise's worst, this 2023 squad has plenty of young talent and, when fully healthy, a good enough defense to win football games. The Panthers have led in a majority of their games this season and it feels like they're close to finally breaking through.

I believe that will be the case after Week 7 with a somewhat favorable schedule ahead.

I don't think the Panthers are a horrible football team. They would beat the 2001 roster by two or three touchdowns, in my opinion.