5 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead Week 10 at Bears

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Carolina Panthers coaching staff on the hot seat

When are we going to fire our coaching staff? - Joe Rodriguez

I want to address this topic here and only here instead of X, formerly known as Twitter.

Joe, there is plenty of good within the coaching staff, in my opinion. Ejiro Evero's defensive staff is very strong and has done a terrific job getting their players to perform in recent weeks. If there is a new head coach, he or David Tepper needs to do everything they can to keep him around for at least another year as he will likely be interviewing for head coaching gigs this offseason.

On the offensive side of the ball, I have a lot of questions.

Is James Campen overrated as an offensive line coach? I'm starting to lean that way with the continued inconsistencies from this unit, especially in Ikem Ekwonu's case. For such a well-respected figure, his unit is underwhelming. This is an interesting discussion to have moving forward.

Duce Staley is a must-keep as the running back and assistant head coach. However, wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson might be in the same boat as Campen, but the player personnel should be in consideration with both coaches.

Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown is someone I would deem as 'to be determined'. I think he's done a good job as a play-caller thus far, but there are some things I would like to see more of such as scheming players open, game-planning around the offensive line deficiencies, and leaning on a successful gameplan.

Head coach Frank Reich is the one I'm having questions about. If his team does not win more than three more games the rest of the way, I wouldn't have any issue with David Tepper pulling the plug after one season. To say you don't have an offensive identity nine weeks in and a change of play-caller is embarrassing and laughable.

I'm not calling for Reich to be fired yet. There are still plenty of weeks left to add a few wins and figure out an identity, which is staring them right in the face similar to the second half of 2022.

There are some questions I have about the coaching staff, especially the head coach. Even so, there are guys on this staff that are must keep.