5 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead Week 10 at Bears

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Bradley Bozeman
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Carolina Panthers' lack of overall competitiveness

There are teams with less talented rosters, and more inexperienced coaching staffs, that are still winning games. Why can’t the Panthers be competitive? - Joshua Smith

Good question from Joshua. I believe the reason why the Carolina Panthers aren't competitive compared to teams like the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts is a combination of a few factors.

One is the scheme.

While it has looked better in recent weeks under Thomas Brown's play-calling, there hasn't been very much identity on offense and a lack of commitment to scheming around deficiencies. Tighter alignments, schemed throws, steady run games, better tempo, and consistent utilization of motion have allowed a team like the Texans to thrive with C.J. Stroud under center.

Right now, Carolina's scheme is getting better and more evolved than what we are seeing from most teams in the league. However, this leads me to another factor.

Player personnel and talent.

The Panthers simply don't have the correct players or talent on the offensive line or skill positions for Bryce Young to succeed consistently at the moment. They need receivers who can create separation on all three levels of the field and offensive linemen that fit what Carolina is asking in terms of the blocking scheme.

Some players have adjusted such as Adam Thielen, Austin Corbett, and Taylor Moton. Others haven't and shouldn't be part of the team's future plans.

Chuba Hubbard is becoming a scheme-diverse talent - as is fellow third-year-pro Tommy Tremble - a plus for this offense. However, adding diverse talent in different areas of the offense will help improve the scheme and productivity, leading to more points and wins.

I'll point this out, if the roles were reversed with Young in Houston and Stroud in Carolina, the former would be having close if not the same amount of success as the latter is having. If the No. 2 pick was playing in this offense, I guarantee he would be struggling just as bad if not worse.

Scheme and player personnel matter, as does coaching. These are things that Carolina must get better in those three areas, especially in Young's case.