5 burning questions entering Carolina Panthers training camp in 2023

- Bryce Young's contract

- Cap space

- Tommy Tremble's involvement

- OL changes

- Hard Knocks

Tommy Tremble
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Carolina Panthers OL duo's job security

Is there a legitimate chance that Chandler Zavala, Cade Mays, or someone else beats out Christensen or Corbett once they get back from their injuries? - @Mr_Livesay

This is a good question and I'm sure plenty of fans are wondering about.

First off, I will go ahead and say that Austin Corbett's spot at right guard is all but secured once he returns from injury. He is the unquestioned starter and has been a steady presence for this franchise.

As for Brady Christensen, that's a different story. Personally, I believe he's already locked in as the starter at left guard. In reality, that might not be the case as Chandler Zavala and Cade Mays are talented and could be starters down the road.

In all likelihood, there will be a competition for the starting right guard spot as Corbett works to get back on the field during the season. I like Cade Mays heading into next week, as he's shown in limited playing time that he is more than capable of holding the fort down.

At left guard, there is certainly a chance that either Mays or Zavala push for the opportunity. The biggest question I have with Christensen is how much power or mass has he added during the offseason. Considering that he was the weak link along a steady offensive line, my hope is that he offers more pop at the point of attack and can drive defenders in gap/man blocks.

Training camp will, hopefully, give us clear answers over the next few weeks.