5 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat entering 2024 free agency

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Dan Morgan
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Dan Morgan - Carolina Panthers GM

Some might deem this a little harsh considering it's Dan Morgan's first offseason as Carolina Panthers general manager. But this is not his first offseason as part of the team's decision-making process in recent years.

Morgan was complicit in Scott Fitterer's incompetent roster building as his assistant general manager and right-hand man. This is also why his promotion to front-office leader was met with skepticism. His primary goal will be to instill confidence and let everyone around the league know this is going to be a well-run organization moving forward.

The former Panthers linebacker must also remove the stench of Fitterer from his ethos. Most who've worked with Morgan previously claim he's got a backbone and won't be a clone. But as previously mentioned, actions are all that matter to a fanbase that's been starved of even moderate success in recent years.

This needs to be a gradual process. Morgan isn't blessed with many financial assets and has no first-round pick to utilize. Extracting maximum value throughout and enabling Brandt Tilis to structure contracts with a team-first mindset at long last is another attainable objective.

Some were seeking a complete reset, which is fine, but Morgan cares deeply about the Panthers and wants to re-establish the franchise as one to be feared around the league. That's not going to happen overnight, but the need to hit the ground running is glaring.