5 Carolina Panthers likely embarking on their last game with the team in Week 18

This could be the end for these Carolina Panthers.

Jeremy Chinn
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Thomas Brown - Carolina Panthers OC

Thomas Brown could barely contain his excitement about becoming the Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator. It was a chance to learn from experienced figures such as Frank Reich and Jim Caldwell. It was a chance to nurture the gifts of rookie quarterback Bryce Young. It was a chance to implement his offensive philosophy and get his first taste of being an NFL play-caller at some stage during the season.

As is the case with most of Carolina's moves over the last year, Brown's found life difficult. The offensive concepts lacked inspiration - although much of the blame can be placed on Reich for his failure to adjust or relinquish power.

With the Panthers struggling, Brown got play-calling duties after the bye week. This lasted three games before Reich took back responsibilities. It was the only card left to play in the hope of turning things around. He busted his flush and was fired soon after.

Brown's had the offensive keys ever since. Aside from a few fleeting moments of promise, things haven't progressed effectively. As such, Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will likely be his last in Carolina.

Much like the situation with Jeremy Chinn, Brown is probably looking forward to a fresh start. This was a setback in his quest to become an NFL head coach in the short term, but all hope is not lost regarding his prospects away from the Panthers.