5 Carolina Panthers players who could become draft busts after 2023

It's a big season for these Carolina Panthers plaes in pursuit of avoiding the draft bust tag.
Terrace Marshall Jr.
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Which Carolina Panthers players are in danger of becoming draft busts depending on what transpires during the 2023 season?

Going into a fresh offseason, there is understandably a lot of anticipation and excitement

around the new additions to the Carolina Panthers and how they might improve a roster with some clear holes. Not every player is a superstar - even some of the most NFL-ready cannot quite make that leap to the next level against stiffer opposition.

The term bust is one that no player, in any sport, ever wants to be associated with. Being touted alongside a name like JaMarcus Russell isn't exactly good for career prospects, but some are very deserving of this particular moniker.

While no true fan would wish the worst for any of Carolina's recent draft picks, there are those who are very rapidly approaching bust status or are at least on that path should nothing drastic change this season. When it gets to this point, it is always a tough decision for any team.

Should the Panthers keep a player in the hope they may break out simply because of how much has already been invested in them? It's a fine line.

The thought process of sunk cost has doomed many rebuilds in the league, but so has giving up on a player too soon. So at what point should a team move on?

By no means should any of these players be cut from the team today, or even next week. But that also doesn't mean that they should be given the same kind of leeway that the other members of the organization don't have.

With that said, who on the Panthers current roster is in danger of gaining that dreaded label of bust after 2023?