5 Carolina Panthers players who could become draft busts after 2023

It's a big season for these Carolina Panthers plaes in pursuit of avoiding the draft bust tag.

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Matt Corral - Carolina Panthers QB

This may not be an entirely fair shake for the former Ole Miss standout, but the NFL can be a cruel world and availability means everything in the end. That is something that Matt Corral is learning the hard way after the Carolina Panthers decided to trade up for Bryce Young.

Has Corral had the opportunity to prove himself in real game action? No.

However, the Panthers can't just sit around in the hopes the oft-injured quarterback can be something that many teams didn't expect.

There is a reason Carolina traded up for Young, and it's not just because they believed the player could lead them to a Super Bowl. It's because the front office didn't see a player on the roster capable of taking them to the promised land.

It might be a little harsh to call a player who never got the chance to see the field a bust, but that's just what Corral is in danger of at this point. Because a player that never plays represents a wasted pick in the top 100.

All signs point to Corral being ready for the start of the season. But the odds of the young signal-caller seeing the field are slim to none as things stand. There is no guarantee that he will even be on the roster as most teams only take two quarterbacks.

Carolina never seemed to have full faith in Corral after drafting him. Their offseason decision-making means that fans might never get to see whether or not the young quarterback is truly a bust or not.