5 Carolina Panthers players with the most to prove in Preseason Week 1

These Carolina Panthers players have big points to prove in Preseason Week 1 against the New York Jets.

Matt Corral
Matt Corral / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Matt Corral - Carolina Panthers QB

Unfortunately for Matt Corral, he missed his chance to become the Carolina Panthers franchise quarterback due to a season-ending injury last preseason. He will probably be the third signal-caller on the depth chart if he makes the roster, but that does not mean the former Ole Miss star cannot earn a chance to be the backup on another team.

Corral was drafted in the third round last year in a weak quarterback class. But in all likelihood, he would have gotten regular-season playing time without the injury suffered in the preseason.

The Panthers would know what kind of quarterback he is. But, in his second NFL season, Corral's an unknown quantity whose big chance to showcase his talent is coming up against the New York Jets.

If Corral has a good performance, not only will the Panthers staff take notice, but other teams looking for quarterback depth will be interested in acquiring him. He has the most to prove out of anyone on the team but also has the most to gain.

The NFL is about making the most of your opportunities in practice, preseason, regular season, and playoffs. While Corral's best chance has gone by him, he still can play his way into an important role.

Time will tell whether that opportunity will be on the Panthers or another team. But Corral can get off on the right foot by showing everyone what he can do to start the preseason.