5 Carolina Panthers scapegoats who might be sacrificed after Week 10 loss

Something has to be done...

Shawn Jefferson
Shawn Jefferson / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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Shawn Jefferson - Carolina Panthers WR coach

Bryce Young is close to breaking point. You could see that in his post-game presser and there were visible signs of frustration on the field during the Carolina Panthers' latest loss with the national NFL audience watching.

Young is not without blame, but this is not a good situation for any rookie quarterback. The offensive line is pathetic and as for the wide receivers, they are incapable of creating the separation needed to make things easier for the No. 1 overall pick.

Relying too much on Adam Thielen - who seems to be the only one showing some legitimate fight at 33 years old - is not what anyone anticipated. The personnel isn't good enough, but wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson's inability to handle rotations effectively or get the most out of this unit makes him a potential sacrifice in pursuit of better fortunes.

Jefferson is widely respected around the league and has a son - Van Jefferson - who plays in the NFL. That only gets you so far and it's hard to look at his contribution with anything other than disappointment right now.

Jonathan Mingo is a lazy route runner who looks like a lost puppy at times. One can point to his inexperience, but this is a second-round selection with enough perceived physical attributes to make a bigger difference.

That's on coaching and a failure to execute. Jefferson isn't the only one, but the offense's failings place him firmly under the microscope.