5 Carolina Panthers scapegoats who might be sacrificed after Week 10 loss

Something has to be done...

Shawn Jefferson
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Parks Frazier - Carolina Panthers pass game coordinator

As previously stated, it would be a bombshell of epic proportions if David Tepper put his ego to one side and relieved head coach Frank Reich of his duties. The same goes for offensive coordinator Thomas Brown, who seems to be escaping criticism despite taking over play-calling duties with very little improvement.

The offense is an absolute abomination. This might - and should - be the area where Tepper directs his anger. Especially considering how woeful the game plan was versus two of the league's worst pass defenses over the last fortnight.

Which brings me to Parks Frazier.

The passing game coordinator is a trusted ally of Reich's from their time together on the Indianapolis Colts. He even called plays for the AFC South team when Carolina's current head coach was fired during the 2022 season.

That indicates he has some form of influence on the week-to-week strategy. While the personnel isn't up to the required standard, one doesn't have to look far around the NFL to see how good offenses are scheming players open regardless of their ability.

This is a foreign concept to the Carolina Panthers. Hitch routes, stop routes, quick outs, slants, and screens are seemingly all they know.

Considering the money Tepper invested in this supposedly all-star staff, it's a disgrace. Reich might find it difficult to fire a close associate such as Frazier, but the decision could be taken out of his hands.