5 Carolina Panthers who won’t make the 53-man roster in 2024

Could the end be near for these players?

Stephen Sullivan
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Mike Strachan - Carolina Panthers WR

Big changes have come and are still to be made where the Carolina Panthers offense is concerned in 2024. This was the only viable course of action after quarterback Bryce Young's confidence dropped to the brink of no repair as a rookie. Solidifying and enhancing the options around their franchise player represented the top priority above all else.

This is a welcome shift - one that should help Young greatly if additional reinforcements arrive via the 2024 NFL Draft. That won't be good news for everyone, especially those who underachieved during a woeful campaign overall last time around.

Only Diontae Johnson has been added to the wide receiver room so far following his trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers. More help is on the way with such a loaded draft class emerging from the college ranks this year. In this scenario, things don't look especially promising for Mike Strachan.

Such was the sorry state of Carolina's receiving options aside from Adam Thielen last season, Strachan became the team's most dangerous deep threat briefly. This didn't amount to anything more than one reception for 45 receiving yards, but it was an undoubted highlight from the Panthers' otherwise inept 2023 season.

Strachan is under contract for next season with a cap hit of $1.05 million. That said, his future depends on how much competition comes into the organization by the time training camp rolls around.