5 dream wide recievers the Carolina Panthers should target to unlock Bryce Young

Going bold could be the only answer...

Mike Evans
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Carolina Panthers should target Tee Higgins

Someone is going to pay Tee Higgins top dollar to find out if he can become a genuine No. 1 option without Ja'Marr Chase taking attention or quarterback Joe Burrow under center. For the Carolina Panthers, he should be near the bottom of the list of players they chase to be Bryce Young's primary target - but he has to make the list.

As an unrestricted free agent, Higgins is one of the few players Carolina has a real chance at landing at the end of the season. With top teams far more interesting landing spots for Mike Evans, Calvin Ridley, or the league's top trade targets, the Panthers might be forced to overpay for their second or third choice.

There is a lot to love about Higgins and a myriad of reasons to believe in his potential. This stems from his dynamic traits and the fact he played his college football not too far from Bank of America Stadium at Clemson.

However, the concern remains that his production and ability are fueled by an offense that focuses on Chase and their quarterback's elite ability - before this season - to create big plays. Higgins a great potential fit, but comes with a huge bust potential for Carolina.

Still, the Panthers are clearly desperate. Therefore, one couldn't rule out Higgin arriving via trade before the deadline if the Bengals continue on their recent downward slide.