5 key players the Carolina Panthers must keep quiet in Week 1 at Falcons

The Carolina Panthers must game plan to stop these players in Week 1.

Kyle Pitts
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Carolina Panthers must keep Bijan Robinson quiet

The Atlanta Falcons have a young and unproven quarterback in Desmond Ridder, who is in his second year, and they found him another dynamic player in Bijan Robinson. He significantly impacted Texas and aims to build that momentum in the NFL.

Robinson spent three seasons with the Longhorns, rushing for 3,410 yards on 539 carries and scoring 33 touchdowns. He also caught 60 passes for 805 receiving yards, showcasing his dual-threat ability out of the backfield.

Despite a disappointing season, the Falcons ranked third in rushing yards with 2,718 and a 4.9 per carry average. Adding Robinson to the mix could be very troublesome for the Carolina Panthers and everyone else on their schedule.

During the previous season, the Panthers went up against the Falcons and faced a challenging average of 305 yards, with a staggering five yards per carry. The defensive line and linebackers must remain vigilant and prioritize stopping the run early, not allowing Robinson to do what he does best and create openings and holes for himself, as we saw with his limited preseason action.

To come out on top in Week 1, the Panthers must adopt a mindset that disrupts the opposing team's game plan. They should work together to tackle with precision and relentlessly pursue the ball.

This aggressive approach will be essential if they hope to secure a much-needed victory.