5 key players the Carolina Panthers must keep quiet in Week 1 at Falcons

The Carolina Panthers must game plan to stop these players in Week 1.

Kyle Pitts
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Carolina Panthers must keep Grady Jarrett quiet

Grady Jarrett is an exceptional defensive lineman who consistently poses a severe threat to opposing offenses. His remarkable speed and agility earned him a reputation as a disruptive field force.

Whether charging past blockers to sack the quarterback or reading plays to stop runners, Jarrett never fails to impress with his exceptional skill.

Throughout his career, Jarrett has faced off against the Carolina Panthers no fewer than 15 times, during which he managed to record an impressive 24 solo tackles and 33 assisted tackles. Additionally, he racked up one sack and a fumble recovery during these games.

After a highly successful season where he managed to achieve six sacks, there is no doubt that Jarrett will bring all his skills and experience to the table to apply maximum pressure to Bryce Young right from the beginning.

In terms of strategy, it would be beneficial for Carolina to make a conscious effort to run the ball frequently to bolster the confidence and strength of their offensive line.

Employing play-action tactics would also be highly effective in keeping seasoned defensive tackles on their toes and unsure of the next move. Additionally, implementing a keep-away approach could be a wise move to maintain possession and gain an advantage.