5 key players the Carolina Panthers must keep quiet in Week 2 vs. Saints

The Carolina Panthers are looking to take advantage of a long week of preparation.
Derek Carr
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Carolina Panthers must keep Derek Carr quiet

The famous quote says, "If you want to kill a snake, chop off its head." And that is precisely what the Carolina Panthers must aim to do. Derek Carr is the newly appointed sheriff in town and is already beloved by many for his grit and willingness to play through physicality, ultimately leaving it all on the field.

Last Sunday, the nine-year veteran quarterback threw for 305 yards with a 69.7 percent completion rate, one interception, and a touchdown against the Tennessee Titans. This is the highest number of net yards thrown since Drew Brees.

Despite relying heavily on Carr to make plays, the Saints struggled inside the red zone as he completed only one out of seven passes, resulting in a 14.3 percent completion rate.

To increase their chances of success, Carolina should aim to put early pressure on Carr and play with physicality. This is especially important as the offensive line is struggling and collapsing.

The Panthers will significantly benefit by preventing Carr from extending plays and forcing them off the field on third downs. New Orleans has many downfield threats. However, the signal-caller is still building connections with them.

The more uncomfortable he is, the better it will be for the Panthers.