5 most important Carolina Panthers players vs. the Saints in Week 2

The Panthers are back at home for a Monday night showdown.
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Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers QB

Bryce Young, who debuted on Sunday as the No. 1 overall draft pick, tops our list. There were numerous expectations and questions surrounding his performance in the game, which was a steep learning curve in no uncertain terms.

During his inaugural drive, Young seemed to assimilate into the team dynamic during his inaugural drive effortlessly. He intently absorbed his surroundings, fully embracing the gravity of the moment. The offensive unit subsequently exhibited impressive cohesion as they marched down the field, but unfortunately, the drive was ultimately thwarted by a failed fourth-down conversion.

On his second drive, the rookie quarterback faced some challenging moments when he threw an interception to Jessie Bates III in the middle of the field. It seemed like Young had been fixated on his target, Hayden Hurst, for a little too long, which allowed the veteran safety to take away the pass.

The Carolina Panthers were fortunate enough to witness their young quarterback's remarkable resilience. Despite committing an error earlier in the game, he put it behind him and displayed exceptional determination and grit by scoring his first touchdown after returning to the field. This feat is a testament to his mental toughness.

Furthermore, as the game progressed, Young completed 20 out of 38 pass attempts for 146 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions.

As Young enters his second week, it is crucial that he utilizes his mobility against the formidable New Orleans Saints defense and avoids turnovers against their motivated secondary. Numerous young signal-callers join the NFL each season, but the former Alabama star's toughness could set him apart.