5 most important Carolina Panthers players vs. the Saints in Week 2

The Panthers are back at home for a Monday night showdown.
Derrick Brown
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Brian Burns - Carolina Panthers OLB

Let's address this first...

Please pay Brian Burns. There is no reason for this to be still unresolved.

Burns, despite his contract negotiations not going as planned and subtle Instagram stories, decided to suit up this past Sunday. The five-year veteran showcased an impressive start to the game, successfully executing a strip sack on the opposing team's first drive. This early success demonstrated his undeniable impact and skill on the field.

The former Florida State star showcased an exceptional performance by making seven successful tackles and securing two sacks. Although his team unfortunately faced defeat, Burns took the opportunity to address the rumors circulating about a potential holdout.

In a post-game interview, he reassured fans of his continued dedication to the team when asked if he would remain on the field for the remainder of the season. That was comforting if nothing else as Burns looks to get a deserved payday.

As we move into the second week, it appears that Burns is in a solid position to achieve success against offensive tackle Trevor Penning, who has been struggling lately. On the other hand, the edge presence is expected to maintain his impressive performance and put Derek Carr under pressure to make quicker decisions.

This will likely provide some much-needed relief to the already depleted secondary.