5 most important Carolina Panthers players vs. the Saints in Week 2

The Panthers are back at home for a Monday night showdown.
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D.J. Chark - Carolina Panthers WR

D.J. Chark was acquired through free agency this offseason, joining Adam Thielen. The signing was made with the expectation of the wide receiver's potential, as he is a productive and talented player on the field. However, the key is for him to stay healthy.

It's been a rocky start to 2023 as Chark suffered a hamstring injury that kept him out of the Week 2 game. The Carolina Panthers are hoping to get him back on Monday night, but there's no telling for sure.

Bryce Young missed his presence, as they had developed a strong connection during training camp. The signal-caller struggled to complete passes due to the field being shrunk, caused by the current wide receivers' lack of vertical threat.

It's excellent news that Chark resumed practice, indicating that he's likely to play soon. However, his return won't be a walk in the park as he'll be facing Marshon Lattimore, who recently gave an impressive performance against the Tennessee Titans.

Overall, Carolina requires Chark's assistance in supporting their rookie quarterback by locating empty areas in the zone and creating separation in man-to-man coverage. Occasionally, he must make plays that can break through the defense, which will demonstrate substantial progress from Week 1.