5 potential candidates to replace Carolina Panthers GM Scott Fitterer in 2024

Could big changes be on the horizon?
Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers could hire Glenn Cook

  • Assistant General Manager | Cleveland Browns

Trading for quarterback Deshaun Watson and handing him a record-breaking contract with $250 million guaranteed was a gamble of epic proportions. One that hasn't brought the necessary rewards for the Cleveland Browns considering their substantial investment.

That aside, their roster building should be commended. This is one of the league's most dynamic defenses with the right blend of youth and experience, which is matched by an offense that more than held its own despite Watson's struggles on occasion.

Glenn Cook is a big part of Cleveland's operation behind the scenes. The assistant general manager is another generating interest in recent years, with the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts conducting interviews with the bright front office mind before going in different directions.

The Carolina Panthers might not be the most appealing destination with no first-round pick to call upon and some big names out of contract next spring, but it's still a job promotion. And at the end of the day, there are only 32 general manager positions around the NFL to occupy.

Cook will have learned a lot from his experiences so far. He knows how to evaluate talent and is also reportedly fully adapted to the analytics side of the game, which is something team owner David Tepper also values highly.