5 prospects the Carolina Panthers must avoid during 2024 NFL Draft

There are too many red flags surrounding these prospects...
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Dan Morgan is keeping all options open as he embarks on his first NFL Draft as Carolina Panthers general manager. The improved collaboration within the building should help, but there is an urgent need to get their choices correct from top to bottom. Anything less could potentially dent the team's chances of becoming a surprise package in 2024.

Morgan is under no illusions about the mammoth challenges that lie ahead. The Panthers don't have a first-round pick, which only increases the sense of urgency surrounding their remaining seven selections. Confidence is high, but fans have nothing more than cautious optimism after being burned so badly by the incompetence of previous regimes.

The draft signifies the culmination of scouting, assessment, countless interviews, and thorough research. Some prospects will be viewed higher in league circles than analysts are projecting. Others could be crossed off boards entirely for one reason or another. It's a harsh business, but Morgan and head coach Dave Canales seem to be working without sentimental attachment.

With this in mind, here are five NFL Draft prospects the Panthers must avoid in 2024.

Carolina Panthers must avoid Kalen King

  • Cornerback | Penn State Nittany Lions

The Carolina Panthers are on the lookout for a new cornerback at some stage during the 2024 NFL Draft. Dan Morgan should know he cannot go into the campaign with the options available currently. He hasn't shut the door on Stephon Gilmore coming back, but this is likely dependent on whether he can get a gifted coverage force from the college ranks with some longer-term upside.

There are several intriguing candidates worthy of consideration, especially on Day 2. Kalen King has been touted as a third or fourth-round selection. While he's got some nice athletic intangibles, this doesn't look like a great scheme fit upon further investigation.

King is severely undersized for an NFL cornerback and tested poorly at the Scouting Combine. One of the main prerequisites for cornerbacks within Ejiro Evero's system is the ability to tackle effectively. Looking at the prospect's production at Penn State, it's an area he struggles with. This will only get worse against more physical competition unless significant improvements arrive.