5 wide receiver prospects to help elevate Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young in 2024

This should the team's top priority next spring.

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers could draft Adonai Mitchell

  • Texas Longhorns
  • 2023 stats: 37 catches | 576 receiving yards | 8 touchdowns

Adonai Mitchell transferred from Georgia to Texas and is making the most of it. He might be a more desirable prospect than Troy Franklin because of his size, so he's another potential first-round candidate depending on how things unfold during the pre-draft assessment stage.

The wideout is 6-foot-4 and weighs 190 pounds. Mitchell is the sort of prototypical big-bodied receiver that has dominated in the NFL for years.

Mitchell, in nine games, has already surpassed the production in 21 total games at Georgia. Seeing the development from his freshman to junior year bodes well for his NFL prospects. He's caught 37 passes for 576 receiving yards and eight touchdowns so far in 2023.

Carolina Panthers could draft Brian Thomas Jr.

  • LSU Tigers
  • 2023 stats: 45 catches | 768 receiving yards | 11 touchdowns

How about someone even bigger than Adonai Mitchell?

Brian Thomas Jr.'s size is almost hard to believe. He's 6-foot-5, nearly 200 pounds, and is another big-bodied receiver who has a very high ceiling in the NFL.

Thomas has put up stellar numbers thus far and looks like the last LSU stud to come off the conveyor belt and potentially carve out a successful pro career for himself. He's caught 45 passes for 768 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns through nine games.

Even if you think he's unpolished as a total product, you should most definitely look at his size as being too good to pass up. The speed is there, and the catch radius is elite. Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young's job gets 10 times easier with Thomas in the mix.