5 wide receivers the Carolina Panthers could trade for to save 2023 season

The Carolina Panthers are reportedly looking for wide receiver help...

Jerry Jeudy
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Carolina Panthers could trade for Jerry Jeudy

Now we get the the aiming higher phase.

The Denver Broncos don't seem to be going anywhere fast under Sean Payton. One or two more losses would see things completely unravel, which isn't what many analysts envisaged when he left the comfort of his FOX Sports role to take the head coaching position.

This could lead to a move or two as the Broncos look to solidify their long-term prospects. Jerry Jeudy is one of the names rumored to be on the trade block, although nothing concrete has emerged from Denver's perspective as they keep cards close to their chest.

Jeudy's had his injury problems since entering the league as a first-round pick, but his talent is undeniable. His route-running is polished, the ball skills are exceptional, and he'd instantly be the No. 1 wideout on the Carolina Panthers if they managed to secure his services.

The compensation would likely be steep. But Jeudy could be seen as expendable with Denver's decision on a contract extension looming.

While parting ways with substantial draft capital to acquire Jeudy is risky business, the rewards could be substantial. Linking the former Alabama star up with fellow Crimson Tide alum Bryce Young has the scope to become a lethal partnership this season and way into the future, so there are far worse directions the Panthers could go in this scenario.