5 winners and losers from the Carolina Panthers defeat vs. Vikings in Week 4

It was another dismal afternoon at the office...

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Frank Reich - Carolina Panthers HC

After just four games of his Carolina Panthers head coaching tenure, the pressure is growing on Frank Reich. This is a far cry from the optimism that surrounded the new regime before competitive action commenced, but it's entirely understandable considering how things have unfolded to date.

Reich is getting from every angle imaginable. This is thanks in no small part to his suspect play-calling, which is uninventive and uninspired in equal measure.

The difference between Carolina's offensive strategy with Andy Dalton and Bryce Young is notable. Maybe there's a lack of confidence in their prized rookie to get the football downfield, which is something that has to change if the Panthers want to turn their sinking ship around.

What made matters worse was Reich's statement after the game. The figurehead revealed that he called a play for Adam Thielen when he was in the blue medical tent, which drew ridicule on social media and is something he should have kept to himself.

The more concerning aspect centers on Reich calling plays for one specific individual. That doesn't play to Young's strengths of processing and going through reads rapidly, so it's not hard to see why things aren't clicking.

With road games at the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins upcoming before Carolina's bye week, things are going to get worse before they get better. Something that could cause the temperature of Reich's seat to increase along the way.