5 winners and losers from the Carolina Panthers loss at Buccaneers in Week 13

It was another one that got away for the Carolina Panthers...

Chuba Hubbard
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Loser No. 2

Brian Burns - Carolina Panthers OLB

Brian Burns has cut a frustrated figure this season. Not getting a new deal from the Carolina Panthers despite showing up throughout camp was just the start - swiftly followed by constant losing and getting no help whatsoever from any other pass-rusher on the rotation.

Opposing teams can actively key in on Burns without fear of anyone else doing significant damage. With their Week 13 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting away from them, these emotions boiled over when he was ejected for throwing a punch following an extra-point play.

Burns stated after the contest another offensive lineman had said something out of line early on that saw the red mist descend. But the Panthers managed to find a route back into the game, so not having the former first-round pick out of Florida State to call upon was a blow.

One could argue that Burns wasn't doing a lot when on the field. But he at least takes up the majority of attention in the hope others can make their mark.

No matter what was said, Burns shouldn't have reacted in this way. He's someone others are looking to for inspiration and this was a microcosm of the lack of discipline across the franchise this season.