6 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking after wild offseason

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Bryce Young
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What’s next for Bryce Young?

  • If Bryce is struggling heavily again this year, will they be more open to seeing if Dalton can right the ship or will they shove Bryce down our throats because they drafted him No. 1? - Len R.

Bryce Young is entering a critical second year of his young career, no pun intended. He struggled a lot last season due to factors around him and his play in general.

Should he go through complications again in Year 2, don’t think Andy Dalton will be on the field at any point. Especially if the Carolina Panthers stay competitive on a week-to-week basis due to a strong run game and improved defense.

There will certainly be competition at quarterback in 2025 if this is the case. However, there is reason to believe Young shouldn’t have many if any struggles this season.

Take the All-22 highlight clip thread above, for example.

There were flashes in almost every game the former Heisman Trophy winner out of Alabama played during the previous campaign. This is despite having one of the worst situations and environments from both a coaching and skill talent perspective.

There are a lot of examples here of Young throwing to the middle of the field, throwing with accuracy and touch on all three levels. He also displays quality pocket awareness and terrific poise, which every highly productive quarterback needs to thrive.

It’s fair to critique his play from last season. Young’s biggest flaws centered around footwork on deep throws and tendencies to drift in the pocket. However, an argument here is that Carolina has added enough pieces around the second-year signal-caller to create some optimism that he can perform at a much better level in 2024.

Josh Norris of Underdog Fantasy stated multiple times last season that Young can succeed at a high level with average talent around him. The talent around the former Crimson Tide gunslinger is at or slightly above average.

That should give fans hope that his play improves significantly this coming season. As should the presence of renowned quarterback galvanizer Dave Canales to steer Young on the right path.