6 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 12 at Titans

There are more questions than answers right now...

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Carolina Panthers offensive philosophy

One of the best things the Panthers did last year was adding a 6th lineman to help in both run and pass blocking. Why don’t we do that instead of watching Bryce get killed every game, especially since we don’t have a fullback? - John

It’s simple: it goes against Frank Reich’s philosophy as a head coach and play-caller.

It feels like all season fans have been clamoring for a run-first offense with the current deficiencies, all of which have made this unit the worst in franchise history. Reich should be aware of this and I’m sure he is in all honesty. 

Yet, Sunday was an example of him going away from what was working. This was a downhill rushing attack from Chuba Hubbard and Miles Sanders while Bryce Young worked off play-action to schemed-open wide receivers.

In my opinion, Reich is doing what he thinks will benefit Young and catering an offense to that. In theory, using speed and quickness in a spread offense out of 11 personnel - three wide receivers, one tight end, one running back - with bits and pieces of Sean McVay principles courtesy of offensive coordinator Thomas Brown.

This experiment seems to have failed.

There are glimpses of what the Carolina Panthers' immediate future on this side of the football could be. The offense was generating movement at the line of scrimmage in part due to man/gap blocking assignments on dive, pin-pull, trap, and other power run elements. They ran plenty of 12 personnel - two receivers, two tight ends, one running back - and succeeded on the ground, averaging just under five yards per carry.

I could see Reich or Brown adding a sixth offensive lineman to add support in the run game. However, I’m in favor of Tommy Tremble and Ian Thomas - two adequate run blockers - leading the way. This would allow Reich to use different variations of 11 personnel out of 12. 

I hope Reich starts leaning into the run game more often. There is a way the Panthers can win a football game moving forward. As The Mandalorian would say, “This is the way.”