6 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 6 at Dolphins

The questions about the Carolina Panthers are piling up...
Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers GM Scott Fitterer's seat temperature

Is our general manager on the hot seat? - Rob J.

Rob, I haven't seen anything from reporters who cover the Carolina Panthers say or suggest anything that would indicate that Scott Fitterer is on the hot seat. Until it is publicly said, I won't believe the embattled general manager's job is in question.

However, I also won't say that I don't think Fitterer's job is above boiling hot water.

As much respect as I have for Fitterer with some of his acquisitions, the potential downfall is around the lack of hits in the NFL Draft from the last three classes. Too many of the Panthers' second-round or later selections have yet or never contributed to the organization from an on-field standpoint.

That has led to depth issues across the board for the Panthers, especially in key areas like defensive back, defensive line, and offensive line. These are areas the team has struggled with or is currently having issues in.

If Fitterer were to get another shot to redeem himself this offseason, the entire goal should be to surround his rookie quarterback with the weapons to succeed and better depth on the offensive line. Not only that, re-signing Brian Burns would go a long way to getting fans back on board and hopeful again.

All of that should start around the bye week. Fitterer should take that open seven days to look into trading for a better wide receiver to add to the roster (I'm looking at you, Jerry Jeudy) while also getting back to the negotiating table with Burns' camp.