6 Carolina Panthers players (and coaches) who won't be back in 2024

Big changes could be coming once again...

James Campen
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James Campen - Carolina Panthers OL coach

As previously mentioned and pretty obvious to everyone with a functioning set of eyes, the Carolina Panthers offensive line is going through what can only be described as complete turmoil this season. They are disjointed, lacking confidence, and unable to adapt to the altered schematic concepts that rely more on zone blocking.

This completely went away from what became so successful in 2022. Frank Reich freely admitted as much this week during his press availability, which makes trying to fit square pegs into round holes all the more bizarre.

Again, nobody is suffering more than rookie quarterback Bryce Young. Opposing teams know this is an area to exploit and often dominate Carolina's offensive line - something that was once again evident during their horror show offensively versus the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11.

The fact they cannot pick up simple shifts and stunts is unacceptable. That's on coaching, so it would be no surprise to see offensive line coach James Campen part ways with the organization once his regular-season commitments conclude.

Campen worked wonders with this group last season and is still highly respected around the league. But his methods - much like the current personnel at Carolina's disposal - don't suit the offensive system devised by Reich and Thomas Brown.

At this stage of life, Campen doesn't need this sort of stress. Being associated with a perennial loser is damaging his legacy, too.