6 Carolina Panthers players (and coaches) who won't be back in 2024

Big changes could be coming once again...

James Campen
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Frank Reich - Carolina Panthers HC

I was in two minds about putting Frank Reich here. While his record and the overall morale within the building are worthy of being removed after just one season, there's just no telling what team owner David Tepper is thinking given his suspect decision-making since buying the Carolina Panthers.

Reich looks like a broken man devoid of any genuine ideas to take this franchise forward. He's a walking contradiction in front of the media and despite reclaiming play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Thomas Brown, it brought no upturn in production whatsoever.

The complimentary football element is non-existent and the unacceptable discipline issues are two more indictments of coaching. Many thought a change would be made after Carolina's heavy loss to the Dallas Cowboys, but Tepper sat on his hands in the hope those currently around could achieve some semblance of respectability from the campaign.

Many insiders still believe Reich's seat is incredibly hot. It's a big call for Tepper after just one season and being so pleased about the team's moves throughout the offseason, but everyone has their breaking point.

At 1-9, the Panthers cannot be too far away from that moment. They have a relatively easy schedule upcoming, but it'll take a monumental turnaround to convince Carolina's beleaguered fanbase that a complete reset isn't exactly what this organization desperately needs.