4 important takeaways from Carolina Panthers play-calling power struggle

The situation is a complete mess...

Thomas Brown
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What are some important takeaways from the Carolina Panthers play-calling power struggle between head coach Frank Reich and offensive coordinator Thomas Brown?

With the Carolina Panthers sitting at 1-8 after so much optimism before the campaign, head coach Frank Reich pulled rank to take back play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Thomas Brown. This received widespread criticism from analysts and fans alike, especially considering how much the figurehead struggled to gain any sort of momentum with this responsibility before the bye week.

Morale was pretty low to begin with. After this, it might be past the point of no return for a fanbase that is growing increasingly disillusioned by the way things are unfolding under Carolina's current coaching regime.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Panthers are gearing up for a game against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11. This will resemble a home game for the visitors and there's just no telling what might come next if Mike McCarthy's men hand Carolina a heavy beatdown as expected.

With that being said, here are four important observations from Carolina's play-calling power struggle.

Thomas Brown needs to plan his Carolina Panthers' exit

Frank Reich is the head coach, so he has every right to make this switch. But to go back on his decision to wrestle play-calling responsibilities from Thomas Brown undermines the progressive young figure in no uncertain terms.

Reich stated that this won't have any lingering impact on Brown's future in the NFL. That's a short-sighted way to look at things and completely ignores the inevitable questions he'll have to answer for any future employer about this predicament.

One could forgive Brown for being furious with this turn of events. Something that could lead the former running back to begin planning his exit strategy away from Carolina if Reich sticks around.