6 dynamic WR draft prospects Carolina Panthers must consider for Bryce Young

Bryce Young needs more help...
Bryce Young
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The Carolina Panthers are coming off another trainwreck season in which the team once again fired head coach Frank Reich and a majority of their high-level coaches. Many things can be blamed for this, but one glaring weakness was the offensive ineptitude.

Now whether this shortcoming was the result of poor coaching, a lack of ability within Bryce Young, or the wide receiver core remains to be seen. But one thing is certain, the quarterback needs some help.

Of the wide receivers that the Panthers employed in 2023, only one of them had over 530 receiving yards. That was Adam Thielen, which is simply not good enough. More needs to be done to try and get the most out of Young despite trading for Diontae Johnson.

This is a big draft for wideouts. The Panthers need a solid deep-threat receiver that can take the pressure off and give Young another reliable target. Thielen has the slot locked down at this point and hopefully, a tight end is picked up at some stage. That leaves a huge gap on the outside depending on how Dave Canales plans to use Johnson.

With this in mind, here are six dream wide receivers the Panthers could draft to help Young in 2024.

Carolina Panthers could draft Adonai Mitchell

Quickness is the name of the game in the modern NFL. Adonai Mitchell is the epitome of this in the 2024 NFL Draft class.

Mitchell is a positionless receiver. The young wideout can line up anywhere on the field and succeed. He has the size and wingspan to win on the outside while also having that twitch to win on shorter routes,

While there is no one skill that Mitchell excels at above everything else, the fact that he can do everything is exactly what makes the Texas prospect so impressive and valuable. Especially to a team like the Carolina Panthers.

Mitchell will not run through a defender or use a bigger body to win a contested ball. But sometimes you don't need brute strength to win.

He's shown an ability to high-point the ball in the red zone as well as find the open space in a zone defense. You never know what kind of route will be run by the Longhorns' standout. Mitchell can succeed at any spot on the field and against any kind of defender.

Mitchell would bring a true all-field threat to the Panthers that they lost when D.J. Moore was traded to the Chicago Bears. A player that can be called upon no matter the situation and make a difference.