6 dynamic WR draft prospects Carolina Panthers must consider for Bryce Young

Bryce Young needs more help...
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Carolina Panthers could draft Roman Wilson

Size is not everything when it comes to being an effective NFL wide receiver. While it is certainly something that is coveted, plenty of players have made do without that advantage.

Roman Wilson has the potential to be one of those. However, without that perk, other things have to make up for that discrepancy. Things like route running and the ability to high-point the ball.

One thing that jumps out of the tape of Wilson during his time with Michigan is just how fluid the young wideout is in his route running. In particular, his cuts on deep posts and short crossing routes. He routinely creates just enough separation for completion around sometimes much larger defenders.

The amount of times that Wilson has had just a step, maybe two, over the nearest defender is truly spectacular.

The other thing that stands out is Wilson's ability to high-point the football and the total lack of fear that comes across in these moments. Whether it be taking the big hit to gain the first down or simply jumping over a defender while they are making the tackle.

Wilson has no qualms with the dirty work of being a professional NFL receiver. The prospect has put in the work necessary to polish the kind of skills that will let you last in the highest level of the sport.

Physical attributes and skills can only get you by in college. Once the competition narrows and the money starts flowing, a strong work ethic is needed to stick around. Wilson already has this mentality before even getting to that next level.

Wilson would be that possession wideout to take some of the burden off Bryce Young and Adam Thielen. This would be a solid, if somewhat less than flashy, pick for the Carolina Panthers, but they'll need to take him early on Day 2 looking at the player's rising stock.