7 potential NFL Draft heists the Carolina Panthers can make in 2024

Could the Carolina Panthers pull off some heists during the 2024 NFL Draft?
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Not having a first-round pick won't matter too much if Dan Morgan can extract every drop of value out of the Carolina Panthers' seven other selections during the 2024 NFL Draft. The new general manager is a respected talent evaluator who's developed a strong reputation around the league. Team owner David Tepper has entrusted the former linebacker with spearheading an exciting new era - he must make the most of it.

Getting the second and third-round picks right is more critical than ever before. Morgan's thorough pre-draft analysis surrounding hundreds of NFL hopefuls emerging from the college ranks could also put him in a strong position to find true value a little further down the pecking order. This always separates the contending teams from the strugglers - something Carolina couldn't accomplish effectively under previous regimes.

Morgan made a decent start to life as the team's front-office leader in difficult circumstances. If he can put together a sound draft, it will make even the harshest skeptic start looking at his credentials differently. In turn, that should inspire enough belief that things are being done correctly at long last.

With that being said, here are seven potential NFL Draft heists the Panthers could make in 2024.

Potential NFL Draft heists the Carolina Panthers could make in 2024

Carolina Panthers could draft Hunter Nourzad

  • Center | Penn State Nittany Lions

The Carolina Panthers are switching Austin Corbett to the center position after signing Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis in free agency. Although the veteran is an accomplished performer capable of making a success of this positional change, he's coming off two serious knee injuries in consecutive years. Therefore, a contingency plan must be found at some stage during the draft.

Acquiring one of the top prospects on Day 2 is an option to consider. If the Panthers opt to wait a little longer, they could do a lot worse than examine Hunter Nourzad's credentials in greater detail.

Nourzad is highly intelligent, making him a strong reader of pre-snap packages that he communicates effectively. The Penn State prospect is also gifted athletically, boasting the footwork and agility to become an asset in pass protection and out on the move during running plays.

Once some technical flaws are resolved during his early development, Nourzad has the scope to be a long-term starter with a smooth adjustment. Considering most projections have him being taken on Day 3, it's also a potential steal if everything comes together.