9 best prospects remaining for Carolina Panthers after 2024 NFL Draft Day 1

There are still plenty of intriguing prospects available.
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Carolina Panthers could draft Jackson Powers-Johnson

  • Center | Oregon Ducks

Austin Corbett is making the transition to the center position in 2024. The Carolina Panthers signed Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis at great expense in free agency to form their improved starting guard tandem. Bradley Bozeman was released, so this will hopefully be a natural progression for the former second-round selection out of Nevada.

Corbett and the coaching staff appear confident this move can bear fruit. However, he's never taken a competitive NFL snap at the center spot and is also coming off two significant knee complications in consecutive seasons - both of which required surgery and extensive rehabilitation.

It might be worth Carolina looking at a long-term alternative at some stage on Day 2. Jackson Powers-Johnson fell out of the first round, so he could be a potential option if his slide continues to No. 39 overall.

The Oregon prospect's athleticism, outstanding pass protection, and ability to communicate effectively could make him a candidate to start Week 1. At worst, he'd be a more than capable understudy in the event Corbett cannot meet expectations.

Carolina Panthers could draft Ladd McConkey

  • Wide Receiver | Georgia Bulldogs

Could the Carolina Panthers spend their first two selections of the 2024 NFL Draft on wide receivers? Although the notion appears unlikely, there's been a fierce need to surround quarterback Bryce Young with everything needed to thrive after such a disappointing rookie campaign. That makes it plausible.

The Panthers are betting on Legette's physical intangibles becoming something more in the pros. They could use a more prolific route-runner capable of getting open consistently. Someone like Ladd McConkey fits the bill if the Panthers were to go in this direction.

McConkey is explosive, knows how to manipulate opposing cornerbacks through shrewd route-running, and is dynamic with the football in his hands. There are concerns about his injury history and lack of size, but if he were to make it further down the pecking order to No. 39 overall, it might warrant a discussion between those in power depending on what other options are available.

This would be a bombshell after the Panthers took Legette. But a wide receiver quartet of Adam Thielen, Diontae Johnson, Legette, and McConkey would be music to Young's ears.