Analyst gives ideal solution to Carolina Panthers' second-round riddle

Could this be a path Dan Morgan considers?
Braden Fiske
Braden Fiske / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers have to come out of the 2024 NFL Draft with some legitimate difference-makers who can help from Week 1. In addition, new general manager Dan Morgan needs to find development pieces with the right characteristics that can be molded into valuable contributors over time. Despite countless chances, the previous regimes failed to meet these objectives.

Morgan won't have a first-round selection unless the Panthers trade into the top 32, which seems unlikely. Finding value lower down the pecking order with the seven picks at Carolina's disposal is the team's top priority above all else. Those in power are also aiming to go with a 'best player available' approach with so many glaring holes across the roster.

Analyst highlights ideal Carolina Panthers second-round picks

Chad Reuter from believes he's found the answer to Carolina's upcoming second-round riddle. They have two selections relatively early in the process, which the analyst believes should be spent on defensive lineman Braden Fiske and tight end Ben Sinnott.

"Signing Derrick Brown to a major extension locks down one spot along the [Carolina] Panthers’ defensive line. [Braden] Fiske’s athleticism and hustle to the ball makes him a natural to play next to Brown at the 5-technique. The Panthers may still be able to select him if they trade down a few spots to acquire extra mid-round picks.

"[Ben] Sinnott is an underappreciated prospect whose quickness from his stance, strong hands and skills as a move blocker compare favorably to last year’s rookie sensation, Sam LaPorta."

While the defensive line might not be the priority it once was thanks to the Panthers signing A'Shawn Robinson in free agency, that shouldn't stop Morgan from fortifying the group further if the right opportunities come along. No. 33 overall might be a little rich for Fiske despite the imposing production he displayed at Florida State, but there's a lot to like about his chances for immediate involvement next to Derrick Brown and Carolina's latest veteran acquisition.

Sinnott is a fascinating prospect who is shooting up draft boards. His athleticism is in keeping with productive pass-catching tight ends, which is matched by assured route-running and dependable hands capable of coming up big in critical moments.

This sort of asset at the tight end spot hasn't been evident within the Panthers' offense since Greg Olsen was allowed to leave for the Seattle Seahawks. Asking Sinnott to have Sam LaPorta's level of impact seems unrealistic, but there's nothing to suggest the Kansas prospect couldn't accumulate his fair share of targets with a smooth transition.

Initial projections had both Fiske and Sinnott as mid-round prospects. The league is reportedly looking at them much differently. If the Panthers want either, they need to act fast and with conviction.

It'll be interesting to see how Morgan approaches his first draft in the prominent position of power. Trading back is a possibility - especially given the time to potentially instigate a bidding war between the end of Round No. 1 and when Carolina begins Day 2. Fans will be innocent bystanders over opening day, but it should be fun after that.

More importantly, Morgan must make smart decisions and not fall into the same trap as his predecessors.