Analyst highlights pivotal upcoming evaluation for Bryce Young in 2024

The stakes are high for Bryce Young in 2024.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Young has his back against the wall right now. The Carolina Panthers quarterback is taking criticism from all angles after a rookie campaign that can only be described as an unmitigated disaster. Everyone within the franchise remains confident in his ability, but next season is pivotal for the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Young looked uncomfortable and lacked confidence last season. The Panthers did almost nothing to help the signal-caller and he suffered accordingly. Dan Morgan's moved everything around to help the former Alabama star this offseason, so expectations for a potential bounce-back are growing if he hits it off with new head coach Dave Canales.

The early signs are promising. Canales has lauded the player for grasping the schematic demands quickly and taking on coaching over early workouts. This is a positive step, but much more will be required to begin silencing doubters and returning the Panthers to being a competitive football operation.

Bryce Young must leave no doubt about his potential in 2024

Carolina is planning for the long term under Morgan. At the same time, they'll need to evaluate what they have in Young next season before taking additional steps.

This was a sentiment echoed by Trevor Sikkema from Pro Football Focus, who placed Young at No. 25 in his offseason quarterback rankings. The analyst acknowledged that not all of the signal-caller's failings were his doing, but that doesn't detract from the need to give a better account of himself with improved weapons and a scheme that will fit his strengths.

"[Bryce] Young’s rookie season was, well, about as bad as it gets. His 52.6 passing grade ranked 41st among qualifying quarterbacks, and his 27.6 passing grade under pressure was the worst in the league. The Panthers' situation was equally as bad as it gets, so it’s hard to put all of that on Young. He was brilliant at Alabama, but there clearly wasn’t any confidence for him in 2023 in Carolina to replicate it. His overall athletic deficiencies (size and strength) were glaring last season. More confidence and better decision-making can get Young on the right track. 2024 will be an important evaluation season for the former No. 1 pick."

Young isn't an idiot. He'll know more than anyone how crucial the upcoming campaign will be for his aspirations. He's got his head down and worked hard throughout the offseason and will continue this trend over the summer. This can hopefully bring about improved fortunes when competitive action resumes.

The Panthers are banking on Young coming up with the goods. They made a strong investment by moving up for the player during last year's draft and spent hefty resources on the position groups critical to his success. Even if he doesn't demonstrate rapid progress, it would have to be abysmal for Carolina to cut the cord after just two years.

The ball is in Young's court. He's not short of motivation and showed enough promise in 2023 to suggest he can begin to right some wrongs. Having a calming influence such as Canales steering him on the correct path is another hugely influential factor in this complex equation that shouldn't be overlooked.

Most fans believe in Young. Canales and Morgan are highly confident in the Heisman Trophy winner's potential. But when it's all said and done, this comes down to the player.