Analyst outlines blueprint for Carolina Panthers offensive growth in 2024

This would be a good place to start.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If the Carolina Panthers want to stand any chance of emerging from rock bottom and return to some semblance of respectability next season, their offense must make improvements. This is a quarterback-driven league when push comes to shove, so the franchise will only go as far as Bryce Young takes them long-term.

Young had his share of unfair criticism after a rookie campaign to forget. Using that as motivation would be prudent, but the Panthers are unwavering in their belief they have a signal-caller capable of bringing back the good times to Charlotte.

The Panthers have invested heavily in the weapons and protection around Young this offseason. They also appointed Dave Canales - a renowned quarterback developer - to be head coach despite his lack of play-calling experience. It's a gamble, but one the organization thinks can help usher in a more prosperous era.

How can the Carolina Panthers offense improve in 2024?

Canales has unmatched positivity and always adopts a glass-half-full approach to everything he does. It'll be a challenge to get things trending upward right out of the gate, but getting back to basics and making sure Young becomes more fundamentally sound seems like a good place to start.

When examining how Carolina's offense can improve next season, Alex Ballentine from The Bleacher Report put the onus on the team's young core to make immediate contributions. He also thought that if acquiring someone like wide receiver Tee Higgins became a legitimate possibility via trade, the Panthers would be foolish not to shoot their shot.

"[Dave] Canales can work his magic again. Both [Geno] Smith and [Baker] Mayfield enjoyed career renaissances while working with the coach. [Bryce] Young is just 22 years old, which makes him roughly two years younger than the likes of Bo Nix and Michael Penix Jr. There's plenty of time for him to live up to the hype as a former No. 1 overall pick. For him to show those flashes in Year 1, the Panthers will have to get a lot out of young players. Jonathan Brooks coming in healthy after a torn ACL in his final season at Texas would help. If the opportunity to add a true outside receiver who could be the No. 1 like Tee Higgins comes along, the Panthers would be wise to take advantage."

Canales' track record speaks for itself. Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield are wealthy men thanks in no small part to his guidance. If he can have the same impact on Young, it won't be long before the Panthers are a force once again.

One thing last season proved above all else is that Young cannot do it alone. The Panthers failed their rookie signal-caller last time around. The moves throughout a busy offseason coupled with Canales' desire to run the football heavily should take some pressure off entering a crucial second campaign in the pros.

The Panthers might need to score plenty of points to be competitive looking at the defensive concerns. Young flashed enough to suggest this is possible if others meet their end of the bargain, but there's going to be a tinge of doubt attached until we see Canales' ambitious plans in a competitive setting.

Young has been written off as one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history after just one season. That is an asinine way to approach his predicament and doesn't put the circumstances surrounding his initial failure into the correct context. Canales is here to change all that, but this needs to be a collective effort after far too many chose to look after themselves under the previous regime.

This is a lot to ask of any first-time head coach. But if anyone can help Young bounce back, it's Canales.