Analyst remains confident Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young can reach his ceiling

All hope is not lost just yet.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Morgan Tencza-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Young is looking to right some wrongs from his rookie campaign. Placing blame on the signal-caller isn't going to do anybody any favors at this juncture. The Carolina Panthers have turned the page and are focusing on making the improvements needed to make the NFL sit up and take notice in 2024.

Young knows he's got more pressure on his shoulders than most. The Panthers made a hefty investment to bring him into the fold at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. It didn't go well last season with plenty of mitigating circumstances attached. Now, it's time for the quarterback to remind everyone why he was the consensus first-choice last spring.

Anything less would set the Panthers back considerably. Thankfully, head coach Dave Canales and general manager Dan Morgan provided Young with a better environment in which to thrive moving forward. It won't be easy., but the positivity is growing.

Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's ceiling remains high entering Year 2

This was a sentiment echoed by Sam Monson from Pro Football Focus. The analyst remains confident Young's ceiling can be higher than Tua Tagovailoa's based on comments via Fan Nation. But he also warned the floor could be a lot lower if the second-year pro cannot make the strides needed.

"I still do think that the ceiling is pretty high. Number one, those flashes were there. Number two, you look at a guy like Tua Tagovailoa in Miami. Disastrous early on in his career and then we saw him completely turn it around once the situation around him improved. And that’s a huge part of the Carolina thing last season. People got fired, it was a bad situation from top to bottom and around Bryce Young. Obviously he did very little to elevate it and to make it a better situation. But I think Tua demonstrates the ceiling can still be incredibly high. Bryce Young, at Alabama, I think was better than Tua and better in the same kinds of areas - anticipation, throwing across the middle, route concepts. I think we still have a high ceiling for Bryce Young, it’s just that the floor is so much lower than maybe we thought coming into his NFL career."

Sam Monson via Fan Nation

Young flashed enough last season to suggest he can become impactful with a more productive supporting cast. Canales' scheme should take the pressure off to a certain extent - especially with his run-first philosophy and more run-pass option concepts. What comes next is down to the Heisman Trophy winner.

The microscope is increasing on Young. Most are willing to give him a pass given the toxic environment he walked into last season. Others are waiting for him to fail as they look to justify their pre-conceived opinions of the player. There isn't much in between regarding his fortunes.

Carolina needs Young to be the franchise-caliber presence they thought pre-draft. Writing him off after one turbulent campaign is foolish, but the margin for error is slimmer now than before he entered the league.

There will be good times and bad next season. What's important for Young is taking the rough with the smooth, embracing Canales' teachings effectively, and growing in stature week to week.

After that, everything should fall into place.